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Use a loyalty program to connect with your customers and increase sales from visitors to your restaurant. You can use the Silver built-in loyalty program, or a third-party loyalty program. At this time, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant supports Punchh, as a third-party loyalty provider.

Choose the loyalty program that best meets your needs.

Understanding the Silver Built-In Loyalty Program

With the built-in loyalty program, you select the method by which your customers earn rewards, either punches (number of visits) or points (number of dollars spent), and you define the rewards your customers can earn. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant automatically enrolls every customer and tracks customer sales by the customer record. Because the loyalty program keys off the customer record, you do not need for cards or other devices.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant offers you the following options for the built-in loyalty program:

  • Punches
A customer accumulates a reward with each visit to your restaurant.
  • Points
A customer accumulates a reward based on each dollar spent in your restaurant. One dollar spent corresponds to one point.
When a customer meets the defined threshold for either punches or points, they earn a reward, either a specific amount or percentage discount, which you define, to use on their next visit. The system then resets the loyalty value to zero, and the customer begins accumulating more punches or points toward their next reward.

Understanding the Third-Party Loyalty Program

With a third-party loyalty program, the Silver host communicates with the loyalty provider host using the Silver Generic Loyalty API Interface. When starting a ticket for a customer, you assign the ticket to a customer by phone number, barcode, QR code, or mag card. When the customer earns a loyalty reward, the loyalty provider may send a notification to the POS app, or they may send a coupon to the customer for the customer to redeem the reward.
Refer to the loyalty provider for details on the available options for the loyalty program.

Using a third-party loyalty program with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant requires an Internet connection. If you operate without an Internet connection, the POS app stores the customer purchase information, and submits it when you return to a connected state; however, without an Internet connection, the POS app cannot receive notifications of earned rewards by the customer.

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