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If you plan to use more than one device in your restaurant, it is necessary to install and configure a server with the Silver Server software. Silver Server enables multiple devices to operate in conjunction with one another.

Prerequisites to Configuring a Server

The following contains a list of requirements to configure a server for NCR Silver Pro Restaurant:
  • A server
Recommended Server: Mac Mini; however, the Silver Server software package can run on any Mac computer running OSx 10.8 or later.
Ensure your server allows the download of applications from anywhere. Refer to ‘Prior to Downloading the Silver Software’ below.
  • Silver Server software
Download the Silver Server software from Silver Back Office, and save the file to a ‘staging’ directory on the server.
The Silver Server software version must match the app store version  of NCR Silver Pro Restaurant.
  • Internet Connectivity
Recommended: Connect your server directly to your router.
  • WiFi
Your devices connect to the server through WiFI. It is necessary for your server and devices to be on the same WiFi.
If your store offers free WiFi to the public, consider adding a second, private WiFi specifically for Silver Pro Restaurant.
Best Practices: Do not broadcast the SSID for this private WiFi network and do configure the SSID with a strong password.