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The EMPLOYEES menu in Silver Back Office allows you to create and manage user roles and to add and manage your employees.

You can create employees at both the company and store level; however, you can only assign an employee to multiple stores at the company level. When you create an employee at the store level, the system assigns the employee to that same store. To assign the employee to additional stores, it is necessary to switch to the company view, and assign the employee to the other stores.


Adding an Employee at the Company Level

When you add an employee at the company level, it is necessary to assign the employee to the stores at which they will work. You can also edit an employee to assign them to additional stores. On the Employee Detail screen, the system identifies the stores you assigned to the employee. If you assign the employee to all stores, All Stores appears next to Assign Stores. Refer to Adding an Employee

Defining the Locations an Employee Can Access

You control whether the employee can access the company level or specific stores in Silver Back Office. To allow access to both the company level and all stores, assign the employee to All Stores under ‘Permissions and Access’ on the Employee Detail screen. To restrict access to specific stores, assign the employee to the specific stores you want them to access.

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