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  2. Click Add an Employee.
add employee
  1. Type the employee name.
  2. Type an employee ID or leave the field blank to accept a system generated ID number.
  3. Type a short name for the employee. The short name appears on reports.
  4. Type an email address for the employee. This is required for employees needing access to Silver Back Office.
  5. Type a phone number for the employee.
  6. Under Permissions and Access, select the user roles for the employee. Select all that apply. You must provide an employee with at least one user role.
User-added imageNote: You can only assign employees user roles with your user role rank or lower.
User-added imageNote: When an employee with multiple user roles clocks in, the employee selects a user role for the shift; however, when an employee selects a user role with a lower access level, the system applies the highest access level assigned to the employee rather than the user role.
  1. For multi-store environments, click Assign Stores and select the stores for which the employee will be working.
  2. Select Prompt for Adjust Tips at End Shift for the POS app to prompt the employee to adjust tips on credit card transactions when they end a shift. By default, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant enables this feature.
  3. Under Login Credentials, type a name, such as an email address for employees who will access the Silver Back Office.
  4. Create a unique four-digit PIN for each employee who requires access to the POS app, even if only to clock in and out. Give the four digit PIN to the employee.
  5. Type a password for Silver Back Office and then type it again in Confirm Password.
  6. Click Save Changes.
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