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Comparing Company View and Store View

If you try to do something that is not valid in your current view, the system will alert you.  You can then either change your view or click something else that is valid in your current view.

See also:  Multi-Store Customers Company & Store View
FeatureCompany ViewStore View

Items & Categories

  • Add, edit, & delete items & categories
  • Assign items to stores

  • Set item price

  • View only items & categories

  • Create store-specific items

  • Assign item availability for store


  • Add, edit, & delete modifiers (global for all stores)

  • View only modifiers

  • Add, edit & delete discounts (global for all stores)
  • View only discounts

Dashboards & Reports

  • Consolidated view at company level

  • View store-specific information


  • Employees shared across all stores
    Assign employees to stores

  • Add, edit & delete employees

  • Edit user roles

  • Add, edit & delete employees assigned to a store

Email Marketing & Social Sharing

  • Customize and edit Bulk, Welcome, and Miss You emails

  • Customize Receipt email

  • Set up and maintain social sharing with Facebook and Twitter

  • Set up Receipt email (store name, address & receipt message)

  • View only Welcome and Miss You messages


  • Customers shared across all stores
  • View & edit customers

Inventory Management

  • Not Available

  • Count & receive

Tax Rates, Receipts, Payment Methods

  • Add, edit and delete tax categories

  • Add and edit store-specific tax rates

  • Customize store receipts, payment methods & credit setup

Credit Settlement

  • Not Available

  • View store transactions

  • Settle credit card batches

POS Transactions

  • Not Available

  • View store transactions