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Creating New Emails

To create new marketing emails:

  1. Select CUSTOMERS > EMAIL MARKETING.  The first time you come to this screen, it will look like the screenshot below.  Notice that the EMAIL RECEIPTS, WELCOME, and MISS YOU email selections at the bottom of the screen show User-added image.  This is because you have not yet set up these emails.  Once you have set up your emails and saved them, User-added image will be replaced withUser-added image .

User-added image

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Customize Email button to set up your Bulk email, or

    • Click User-added image for the EMAIL RECEIPTS, WELCOME, or MISS YOU emails.

  2. Click the Start New Email button at the bottom of the screen to select a template.  This will open the  Select Template screen. 

User-added image

  1. Click on any of the templates and then click Select.

  2. The system will display the Change Template screen to alert you about your existing content for the selected email template.  Do one of the following:

    • Click Discard to discard your current email, or

    • Click Copy to copy the To, Subject, and text content into a new email, or

    • Click Cancel to return to your current email without making any changes.

 User-added image

User-added image

Before discarding, you can copy your existing content and paste it into Notepad or some other application to save it and reuse it at a later date.  You might want to consider saving these to essentially build a library of email messages to help you quickly create new emails based on your previous emails.

  1. Fill in the content using the template and then click the Save Changes button near the bottom of the screen.  The content is divided into basic sections to simplify creating and editing information and to allow you to focus on one area at a time.  If you spend considerable time to create an email, it is a good idea to periodically click Save Changes to ensure you save your work.

  2. Optional:  If this is a Bulk Email, you can click inside the Click here to add offer section to select an offer to include in your email message.  Adding an offer with allow you to select an existing discount or open How to Work with Discounts in the Back Office to send with the email.

  3. Now that you've set up your email, you have plenty of options:

    • Click Preview to see what your email message will look like.

    • Click Test Email, enter at least one email address, and click Send Test to send the email to see what it will actually look like from an email client.

    • Click Spam Check to have the system calculate how likely your email will be caught by spam filters.  Learn more about spam checking.

    • Click Send Email to send your new email.

    • If you've set up your Social Sharing settings, you can also choose to send your Bulk email message to your Facebook page.

Your email is placed in a queue and is sent on a "first come / first serve" basis. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have different ways of handling marketing email.  Each ISP decides how many emails to accept at a time.  The system works directly with ISP rules to deliver your emails in a timely manner.

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