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Discounts (in the Back Office)

Discounts are a great way to provide an incentive to customers to come to your store and purchase more items. Employees have the ability to add multiple discounts on the same ticket (up to one discount for each item on the ticket and one ticket-level discount). Discounts can be applied to sale items but not to return items.

Back Office users can set up the following types of discounts:

Amount: A defined dollar amount.
Percent: A defined reduction percentage.
Prompted Amount: Prompts the POS user to enter a dollar amount.
Prompted Percent: Prompts the POS user to enter a reduction percentage.

Each discount can also have a minimum qualifying amount, which determines the minimum price for an item to be eligible for an item-level discount or the minimum sale amount for a ticket to be eligible for a ticket-level discount. If an item or ticket does not qualify for the discount, the POS app will alert you during checkout.

Add a discount

Multi-store customers: Remember that discounts are managed at the company level. At company level, you have the option to assign discounts to specific stores. This makes it so only the discounts assigned to that store display on the POS.

You can set up item and ticket-level discounts. This allows employees to apply a single discount to each item and an overall discount to an entire sale in the POS app. With our system, your discounts will “stack”, allowing both types of discounts to be applied to an item. Item-level discounts will always be applied first, followed by ticket-level discounts.  

add a discount in the back office ncr silver

NOTE: You can only assign one item-level discount to an item, and you can only assign one ticket-level discount to a ticket. You can assign an item-level discount to item(s) and a ticket-level discount to the same ticket.

To create an item or ticket-level discount in the Back Office: 
  1. Log in to the Back Office. 
  2. Select the INVENTORY > DISCOUNTS.
  3. Click the Add a Discount button on the right side of the screen. 
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the discount.
  5. Select one of the following Discount Type options:
  • Amount– Select this option for a fixed dollar discount that can’t be changed.
  • Percent– Select this option for a fixed discount percentage.
  • Prompted Amount– Select this option to allow employees to change the discount amount during a sale.
  • Prompted Percent– Select this option to allow employees to change the discount percentage during a sale.
  1. Enter the Amount Off or the Percent Off or Prompted Amount or Prompted Percent (based on your select in step 5) for the discount.
  2. Optional: Enter a barcode range so that you can scan barcoded discounts to apply them to a sale.
  3. From the Applies To dropdown, select Item to specify when the discount can be applied to individual items or select Ticket to apply the discount to an entire sale.
  4. Enter a value in the Min Qualifying Amount field to specify the minimum eligible price for an item-level discount or the minimum sale amount for a ticket-level discount.  If you don't want set an amount, leave the default $0.00.
  5. Select the Email Offer Only checkbox if this discount is one you want to email to your customers using our integrated email marketing messages.  We recommend using this flag to take full advantage of email marketing.
  6. Click the Save button to save the new discount.

TIP: Want to offer a free item? In the Discount Type field, choose Percent and in the Percent Off field enter 100. Then select Item in the Applies to field. Make sure you give your discount a description that makes it clear to the customer what they are getting for free, i.e. “Free Cookie with Purchase”.


Edit or remove a discount

Removing a discount is a "soft delete". This means that although the discount is removed from your view, all the data and activity associated with that discount is still shown in reports, transactions, etc.

To edit or remove an existing discount:
  1. Select the INVENTORY > DISCOUNTS.
  2. Scroll through the list of your discounts and click on the row of the discount that you want to edit or remove.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To remove the discount, select Remove Discount and confirm the removal.  If the selected discount is tied to a marketing email, the system will let you know, so that you can determine if you still want to remove the discount.
    • Edit the details for the discount and click the Save Changes button.