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Customizing Receipt Emails

POS operators have the option to send the customer's receipt via email. Using this feature allows you an extra chance to connect with your customers and send them offers. NOTE: Even if a customer has requested to Opt Out of email marketing, email receipts will still be sent, allowing you to continue to reach these customers.

Since we don't want to risk your customers not receiving a receipt, the receipt email is turned on by default, and it cannot be turned off. So, if you do not click the
Customize My Receipt checkbox and customize the receipt for your store, the customer will receive a simple, default receipt by email. NOTE: If you are working in an Offline Mode (not connected to the internet), the system will send the receipt emails once your POS device is online.

To customize your receipt email:


  2. Click the Set-Up indicator for the EMAIL RECEIPTS in the Recurring Emails section of the screen.

  • The store information that is shown near the top of your receipt is copied from the information you entered on the Store Information screen.
  • The information shown in the gray area in the middle of the screen is controlled by the system and contains the details of the transaction.  You cannot edit or change this information.

  • The information shown under the gray area is copied from the information you entered on the SETTINGS > STORE INFORMATION screen in the Receipt Info box.

Email Receipt Back Office menu

  1. Create a Subject line.  Remember, try to capture the recipient’s attention by welcoming them to your business and inviting them to return and shop again.

  2. Upload your company’s logo or some other graphic by hovering over the image area at the top of the screen and clicking Gear icon.

    • Select Edit Image to edit the image that displays, including adding a URL with a link, adding alternate text, resizing, resetting, and clearing the image.

    • Select Replace Image to browse for and upload another image to replace the current image.

    • Select Clear Image to remove the current image from the email.

    • Select Duplicate Section to duplicate the image already displayed.  This would allow you to show the image both at the top and bottom of the receipt.

    • Select Move Section Down to move the image to display at the bottom of your receipt.

    • Select Remove Section, and the system will alert you that once you remove the image area from the email, you will not be able to attach an image later

  3. You can enter a discount or offer at the bottom of the screen by hovering over that area and clicking Gear icon.

    • If you select Add Offer, the system will display a screen where you can set up or attach a discount offer. The set up options mirror the normal How to Work with Discounts in the Back Office.

    • If you select Move Section Up, the system will move the offer to display below image area and above the gray area of the receipt.

    • If you select Move Section Down, the system will move the offer to the bottom of the receipt area.

    • If you select Remove Section, the system will alert you that once you remove the offer section from the email, you will not be able to attach an offer later.

  4. Once you have created your content:

    Click Preview to view the entire email along with headers and footers (which are pictured below).

User-added image

                                                                         Email Header

User-added image

                                                                          Email Footer

  • Click Test Email and enter up to five email addresses to send the email to see the final formatting and/or have your associates review the email for you.  This will allow you to see the email exactly as your customers will see it.

User-added image

  • Click Check Spam Score to launch the spam checker.

User-added image

  • Click here to learn more information about spam checking.

    7.  Click Save Changes to begin using the updated Receipt Email message to your customers.

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