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NCR Console - How to navigate the Dashboard

December 8, 2016


The Dashboard is where you land once you have logged in to NCR Console. It is an easy place to get a general idea of what is going on at your store at the time you log in. Your dashboard view will vary based on:

  • Your selected Console package;

  • The type of login you have (e.g. Corporate, Store, or Employee user); and

  • The user permissions that have been assigned to you

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The standard dashboard view (as part of the Core package) contains alerts, general sales data, and weather forecasts for your store(s).

  • Alerts:  Encompass employee, corporate and system messaging

  • Sales Data:  Includes current data, historical comparisons (where historical information is available) and forecasting based on your store’s sales history

  • Weather:  The dashboard will show a three day outlook which can be expanded to show additional days

To navigate away from your Dashboard to other areas of the site, hover over the active tabs at the top of the page to select a sub category, or click on the active tabs to go to that category’s page.

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Each active tab contains a subset of features specific to the category you’ve selected. You may notice features referenced below that may not be visible on your platform as you move through various sections of Console.  Note that your access to specific features is dependent on what you sign up for and/or have permissions to see.
  • Store Tab:  Gives access to operational tools that allow you to plan for day to day business activities.  This includes, but is not limited to, managing labor, managing inventory, settings sales and/or labor goals, and submitting reviews.

  • Reports Tab:  Provides an array of reports based on your chosen Console package. This may include reports pertaining to sales, labor, customer service, surveys, product mix, operational reviews, training and brand specific custom reporting.

  • Resources Tab:  Gives access to document storage (including documents shared with you by others), videos, and a photo gallery.

In the blue menu bar beneath the tabs at the top of the page, you will have the option to search for specific topics, access help documents, add shortcuts to favorite or frequently visited pages, and adjust settings.



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