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Discounts Overview

Once discounts have been set up in the Back Office, you can apply a single item-level discount to each item and a ticket-level discount to an entire sale.

Back Office users can set up the following types of discounts:

  • Amount -- Set up with a defined dollar amount

  • Percent -- Set up with a defined reduction percentage

  • Prompted Amount -- Prompts the POS user to enter a dollar amount

  • Prompted Percent -- Prompts the POS user to enter a reduction percentage

Notes About Discounts

  • Each discount applies a default discount amount or percentage to an item or to an entire sale.

  • You can modify the default discount if the discount is configured to allow it.

  • Each discount can also have a minimum qualifying amount, which determines the minimum price for an item to be eligible for an item-level discount or the minimum sale amount for a ticket to be eligible for a ticket-level discount.  If an item or ticket does not qualify for the discount, the POS app will alert you during Checkout..

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  • Ticket-level and item-level discounts "stack", allowing both types of discounts to apply to an item.  For example, if you apply a $5 discount to a $100 item and apply a 10% discount to the sale, the total discount for the item will be $14.50 ((100-5) x 10%).

  • You can only assign one ticket-level discount to a ticket, and you can only assign one item-level discount to an item, but you can assign item-level discounts and a ticket-level discount on the same ticket.
  • Item-level discounts are always applied first, followed by ticket-level discounts.

  • On a receipt for a sale that includes discounts, each item-level discount appears directly below the corresponding item, while the applicable ticket-level discount appears above the Subtotal amount.

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Discounts can be applied to sale items but not to return items.