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Applying an Item-level Discount

Once you create an item discount in the Back Office, you can apply a single item-level discount to items being sold on the POS. Discounts used are tracked in various back office reports.

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Item-level discounts cannot be applied to Return items.

To apply an item-level discount:

  1. Add the item to the sale.

  2. Tap the item's name on the ticket to view additional tabs on the top right of the POS screen.

  3. Tap the Item Discount tab and tap the discount you want to apply from the list of available discounts. 

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    • If you selected a line discount that was set up as a Prompted amount or Prompted percent, Use the numeric keypad to select the discount amount (percent or dollar amount).

    • If you are using an iPad, you can also tap the camera icon to scan discount barcodes.

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  4. Tap Done.  The discount will be shown with the item.

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To remove an item-level discount, tap the item line, tap Line discount, tap Remove discount code.