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Entering a Credit Card Payment

If you are using integrated credit card processing and your POS device is equipped with the NCR credit card reader, follow these steps to enter a credit card payment:

  1. Tap Checkout.

  2. Tap Credit Card.  Note: Alternatively, you can just swipe the card as soon as you are done adding items to the ticket and the checkout process will automatically start without having to tap Checkout and select the payment method.

  3. Swipe the customer's credit card through the card reader.  The payment amount is automatically set to the Balance Due.  The system then sends the credit card transaction to the processor and authorizes the amount.
  4. If digital signature capture is enabled on your POS device, have the customer sign the signature screen with his or her finger (or you can use a stylus). To always require a customer's signature, enter $0.00 in the Require signature for purchases greater than field.  To enable faster checkouts, you can enter a minimum dollar amount that will require a customer's signature. For more information view Payment Methods. If the Accept Tips setting is enabled for your store in the Back Office, the customer can add a tip to the transaction.

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  1. Have the customer tap Accept.

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  2. From the Receipt screen, your customer can select how they would like to receive their receipt. Note: If you are using loyalty, the customer will also be able to see their points/punches status here.

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  3. Finally, if there is no customer assigned to the ticket, or there is no email address associated with the customer, the customer will be asked if they want to sign up to receive emails.  If they select Yes, they will be asked to enter their email address.
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If you need to enter a credit card manually, make sure the Accept Manual Card Entry setting has been enabled in the Back Office, then follow these steps to manually enter a credit card payment:

  1. Do one of the following:

  • iPad Users:  One the Point of Sale screen, tap Checkout to display the Payment types panel. 
  • iPhone/iPod Touch Users:  On the Ticket screen, tap Pay to display the Enter Payments screen. 

  1. Tap the Credit Card button in the Payment types area to display the Amount window.

  2. Enter the amount the customer is tendering.
  3. Tap Enter Manually on the Swipe Card window to display the Manual Card window.
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  1. Enter the credit card number and expiration date and tap Submit.

  2. Follow the steps from above to complete the checkout process.   


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