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Adding a Tip to a Sale

If the Accept Tips setting is enabled for your store in the Back Office, you or your customers can add a tip to a credit card (not a gift card) sale.  If you enter a tip amount that is more than the ticket's total, the system will alert you to ensure you haven't entered an incorrect amount.

If digital signature capture is enabled on your POS device, follow these steps to add a tip to a sale:

  1. Add the items to the ticket tap, and then swipe the customer's credit card.  When the device shows the tip selection screen, present the screen to the customer.

User-added image

  1. Instruct the customer to tap one of the pre-calculated tip amounts (if you defined them under Checkout Options; if you didn't the options will be "No Tip" and "Specify an Amount") or the Specify an Amount button, which allows the customer to enter the their own amount.

  2. Ask the customer to sign on the screen.  Note: If the customer wants to adjust the tip amount entered on the previous screen, they can tap the pencil icon to enter a new tip amount.

    User-added image

  3. Ask the customer to tap the Accept button to confirm the sale.

    User-added image

  4. Instruct the customer to select their receipt option.
User-added image
6. Finally, if the customer has no email address on file, have them decide if they would like to enter it in order to sign up to receive emails from your store.

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If you are not using digital signature capture, follow these steps to add a tip to a sale:

  1. Once the customer has signed the printed receipt with the tip line, go to the Receipt screen and tap the Add Tip button.

  2. Enter the Tip amount that the customer specified on the printed sales draft, and then tap Done to return to the Receipt screen. The final receipt (whether printed or emailed) will show the full sale amount, including the tip.