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Some menu items include optional modifiers, such as mustard or mayonnaise. Other items contain variations or forced modifiers that require you to make additional selections. You can also add notes, such as ‘Rush!!!’ to an ordered item.

Quick Actions for Modifiers

From the modifier screen you can quickly add and remove modifiers. 
  • Tap a modifier multiple times to increase the quantity.
  • Tap the "-" button next to a modifier in order to decrease the quantity.
  • Swipe left to remove an entire line of modifiers.

Working with Optional Modifiers

  1. Tap an item to add it to the guest check.
  2. Tap the item on the guest check and the modifier screen is displayed.
  3. Make the optional modifier selections, if any. Tap the No, Add, Lite, Extra, or On Side buttons and then make the customer selections.
  4. Tap the checkmark when done.

Working with Forced Modifiers

When you select an item with at least one forced modifier, the system automatically displays the modifier screen. Badges on modifier groups help guide the server.

  • Forced modifiers have a red badge to indicate the number of outstanding modifiers that must be selected from a particular modifier group. Once the required number of modifiers are selected from a group, the badge is changed from red to green. 
  • A badge does not appear on optional modifiers.

You cannot leave the order until you select all outstanding forced modifiers.

  1. Tap an item to add it to the guest check. If forced modifiers exist for the item, the modifier screen appears.
decrement mods.png
  1. Make the forced modifier selections.
User-added image
Note: Some items contain default forced modifiers, such as ‘Fries,’ or ‘Medium.’ To change the default modifier, swipe left to delete. When you remove a default forced modifier, a red badge appears next to the forced modifier group of the item, and it is necessary to make another selection.
  1. Tap the checkmark when done.


Working with Variations

Items with variations appear with ‘Variable’ under the item name on the menu. Items with variations require you to make selections prior to adding the item to the ticket.
  1. Tap an item to add it to the guest check. If variations exist for the item, the variation screen appears.
  1. Make the variation selections.
  2. Tap Done.

Changing the Quantity of an Item in an Order

  1. In the guest check, tap the quantity to the left of the item description. A numeric keypad appears.
change quantity
  1. Enter the new quantity for the item.
  2. Tap Done.

Adding Notes to an Item 

You can add notes to any item a customer orders. Additionally, by device, you can create a library of notes, such as ‘Rush!!’ or ‘Don’t make,’ which you can use with other orders without having to type the note again. When you add a note to an item, the note appears under the item in the guest check.
  1. Tap the item to add a noteThe item detail screen appears, or if the item contains a variable or a modifier, the
  1. Tap Notes or Add note. The ‘Notes’ screen appears.
    'Notes' button appears on the item details screen.
    'Add note' button appears in the bottom left of the ‘Modify Item’ screen.
  2. Select a note from the library, and then tap Done.
If an existing note does not apply or exist, enter the text in the 'Add note' field. Tap + to add the note. 
  1. Repeat step #3 if needed to add multiple notes. Tap the checkmark when done.

Transferring an Item To Another Seat (Table Service only)

  1. In the guest check, tap the item to transfer to another seat. The item detail screen appears. If the item contains a variable or a modifier, it is necessary to tap More Functions on the Modify Item screen to access the item detail screen.
transfer item
  1. Tap Move To Seat. A list of available table seats appears.
  2. Tap the seat to which you want to transfer the item.

Deleting an Item from the Guest Check

In some instances, such as the incorrect selection of an item, or a when a customer changes their mind, you may need to remove an item from an order. You can delete items from the guest check.
  1. In the guest check, swipe the item from right to left. The Delete option appears.
delete items
  1. Tap Delete.

Depending on the state of a guest check, deleting an item can result in a clear or a void. 

  • Deleting an item before finalization results in a clear.
  • Deleting an item after finalization results in a void.

Finalization occurs when you do one of the following:

  • Submit the items for order to the kitchen
  • Tap Pay
  • Tap SEND (table service only)
  • Tap SAVE (quick service only)
  • Back out of the order
  • Log out of the POS app

Grouping Like Items on a Guest Check

You can group like items so that they consolidate in the guest check. If the items vary by note, variable, or modifiers, you cannot group them.

  1. Swipe one of the items to group from right to left. The Group option appears.
  2. Tap Group. Other like items that meet the grouping criteria consolidate and appear in the guest check.

Course Timing

Send items to the kitchen by course. This “hold and fire” course timing feature will allow your restaurant to properly set courses. 

  1. Add the item to a ticket
  2. To hold the item, swipe right to left across the item name and then tap Hold.
  3. To release a held item, swipe right to left across the item name and then tap Release.

Note: You can Hold items with an item discount. You can delete a ticket with a held item but not close it.