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 How to View Item Details in the POS App

You can view item details on the POS through several methods. In all cases, you will need to search for the item before viewing the details. to do this:
Using the slide out menu:

  1. Open the slide out menu.

  2. Tap Items under the lookout functions.

  3. Search for and select an item. The item details will display on the right panel.

    User-added image

Using item lookup form the ticket entry screen:

  1. If not already, go to the ticket entry screen. 
  2. Tap the search icon on the right panel above the category/item names.
  3. Use the on screen keyboard to search then tap the item when found.

Using the tabs:

  1. After adding an item to a ticket, tap the item to open addition tab options.

  2. Tap the Item Details tab.

  3. Tap Close to return to the menu screen.

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You can view all information associated with an item including pricing, tax category, variation and more. Tap the information icon to view all variations associated with an item.  

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Users with proper permission can also edit item details from the POS by tapping Edit Item.

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