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Scenario 2: Set Up Selling Locations

In scenario 1, we created our Food tax category, and our Savory Foods cafe is doing well.  Actually, we are so popular, we decide to branch out and sell through a food truck.  Being mobile will allow us to sell our food throughout metropolitan Atlanta.  Unfortunately, each county in our Atlanta selling area charges different tax rates for food.  No problem, the system can handle this for us to ensure we are charging the correct sales tax no matter where we are selling our items.

Adding Our Selling Locations

Next, it's time to enter the other locations where our food truck travels -- Cobb County, Dekalb County, and Forsyth County.  We click ADD A LOCATION, enter Cobb County and click Done.  We repeat this same process for Dekalb County and Forsyth County.  Now that we have added our additional selling locations, we need to enter the tax rate for food for each of our selling locations.  We also need to go ahead and enter a tax rate of 0.00 for the No Tax category.  Simply click inside the box for each selling location and tax category and enter the tax rates.  When we are done, we click the Save button.

When we've added each of the counties where our food truck sells, our Taxes screen looks like this.

User-added image

Time to Sell

OK, our setup is done, and we are ready to head to Forsyth County to have a great day of sales.  When we get there, we log in to the POS app, and because we've already set up additional selling locations, the system asks us "Where are you selling today?"  We select Forsyth County from the list, and that's it.  Now, every sale will charge the Forsyth County food tax rate.  If there aren't enough customers, or there are too many competitors, we can pack up and drive to Cobb County.  When we get there and log in to the POS app, we select Cobb County as our selling location, and we're done.  The system will track all of our sales and display our selling locations on the Taxes Report.


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