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You can reprint or email a receipt for a customer.

  1. Tap Slide out button to display the slide out menu.

  2. Tap Recall/Reprint.

  3. Under Completed Tickets, tap the ticket to reprint or email. The ‘Receipt’ screen appears.

  4. Tap Email receipt to email a copy to the customer. The ‘Email receipt’ screen appears. Tap the customer to which to email the receipt, or tap to the right of the customer name to edit the customer information prior to emailing the receipt.


Tap Print receipt to print a receipt for the customer.

Rapid Reprint of a Receipt 

Rapid reprint of a customer receipt allows you to reprint the receipt from the previous closed transaction. 

User-added image

  1. After the customer transaction has been completed, return to the main screen. 

  2. Tap the Reprint Last button. The receipt will reprint. 

  3. Begin the next customer transaction.