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Rearranging Items in the POS App

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Your POS device needs to be connected to the internet to save your changes.

User-added imageIf you are one of our multi-store customers, you will need to rearrange your items in the Back Office.  Click here for instructions.You won't be able to use this procedure.

Follow these steps to rearrange the order of the items in the Items panel of the Point of Sale screen:

  1. Tap the category for the item you want to move.

  2. Tap and hold the item button you want to move until all the item buttons begin to "shake".

  3. Drag the item button to the desired location and then release the button.

  4. Repeat until you have all the item buttons in the order you want.

  5. Tap Done to save your changes.

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To move an item to a second, third, etc page of items, simply drag the "shaking" item button toward the edge of the screen to navigate between multiple pages of items.


This feature is only available on the iOS platform.

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