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  • What options are available for integrated credit?

The system supports most of the major merchant services providers offering credit card payments.  In most cases, we can work with your credit card payment provider to capture the necessary configuration details and get you setup for integrated credit.  If you are not currently working with a credit processor supported by the system, we can offer a program to get you set up quickly.  Contact the Customer Care team for more information, and they can discuss the details with you.

  • Are Gift Cards supported?

Yes, this offers the ability to leverage gift card programs offered by the system-supported payment providers.  This includes the ability to sell gift cards, activate/reload gift cards, check gift card balances, use gift cards as "store credit", and take payments using gift cards. 

  • Can the system operate “offline” (what happens if the network connection goes down?)

The system can operate in offline mode for all transactions, including integrated credit payments (if you have enabled Offline Credit mode in the Back Office).  So, if your network connection goes down, your item and customer file will be as up-to-date as the last time it was connected, and you can continue to finalize transactions. Once the network connection is re-established, all sales that were completed in offline mode will be automatically sent to the Back Office.

  • Can receipts be emailed or printed, even if selling mobile?

Yes, you can print or email receipts in the store.   And, for mobile operations, receipts can be emailed.  We also have a mobile belt printer for paper receipts as well.  

  • How would a customer redeem an emailed discount?

If a customer brings an emailed discount into the store and presents it during checkout, the POS user will select the discount and apply it to the ticket.

  • Is there a way to add notes to a transaction?  

Yes, with kitchen printing, you can add notes to a receipt.  You can also add notes for your customers.