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 Grouping and Ungrouping Items on a Ticket

The POS app allows you to group and ungroup like items on a ticket.  This gives you more flexibility in applying discounts, price overrides, modifiers, etc to an item.

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If you have multiple lines of the same item with the same attributes, you can swipe on the item's line and tap Group.  This will group all the items on a single row with the appropriate quantity displayed. Once an item has been grouped, you can swipe on the item's line and tap Ungroup (for a quantity less than 50).


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You can also tap on the number (quantity) shown in the box at the far-left of the line item.  Tapping here opens a numeric keypad where you can enter the quantity for the item, rather than tapping the item's button numerous times.


Let's look at a few scenarios:

Clothing Store - Does Not Use Modifiers

A customer purchases five identical pairs of jeans (at $45 each) and five white T-shirts (at $10 each).  The customer has a coupon for 25% off one item.  The POS user would add the first pair of jeans to the ticket and then add the discount to those jeans.  Then, the user would add the other four pairs of jeans and the five white T-shirts.  Because the other four pair of jeans are exactly the same (but don't have a discount applied to them), the user can swipe across the blue jeans line item and tap Group.  This will group the other four pair of jeans as one item with a quantity of four.  The user could do the same thing for the five identical white T-shirts.

Small Cafe - Uses Modifiers

Modifiers are frequently used in restaurants.  Modifiers are additional details or options for an item.  The system essentially "attaches" the modifiers to the item, ensuring that the kitchen or prep area gets the customer's order correct.  For example, a group of 4 people may each order a hamburger; however, customer 1 adds cheese and pickles.  Customer 2 wants their hamburger plain with meat and bread only.  Customer 3 wants their hamburger with extra onions and no mayonnaise.  Customer 4 wants their hamburger with bacon added.  By placing each hamburger on a single row, the server is able to capture each of these details for each hamburger.  When the user prints or holds the receipt, the items, along with their associated modifiers, will print to the receipt printer.

At the same cafe, another customer orders four sesame seed bagels, all toasted with cream cheese and four small cups of coffee.  Because the bagels and the coffees are all the same, the user can simply swipe and group the bagels as a single line item with a quantity of four and do the same action for the four cups of coffee.