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Editing and Removing Items From the Back Office

If you want to edit or remove an item:


  2. Scroll through the list of your categories and items or search for the item by name or barcode and then click on the row of the desired item.  From here, you can:

  • Edit information about the item
  • Create a duplicate of the item

  • Remove the item by clicking Remove Item.  The system will display an alert to let you confirm removing the item:

  • Click Yes to remove the item.  If the selected item has any sales activity, the system will let you know, so that you can determine if you still want to remove the item.
  • Click No to keep the item.
  • Remove individual variations, variation groups, modifier items, and modifier groups.  If you remove the last variation in a variation group, the system will let you know that it will also delete the variation group.  If you remove the last variation group, the item will no longer be considered an item with variations.

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Removing an item is a "soft delete".  This means that although the item is removed from your view, all the data and activity associated with that item is still shown in reports, transactions, etc..

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