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Changing an Item's Quantity

User-added image

If you decrease the quantity to 0, the item is automatically removed from the ticket.

Using an iPad

The quickest way to change the quantity of an item you have already added to a sale on an iPad is to locate the item line on the Ticket screen and tap the number in the white box.  The system will display a numeric popup screen.  Select the new quantity and tap Done.

Alternately, you could also:

  1. Tap the line item and then either:

  • Tap User-added image to decrease the quantity by one

  • Tap User-added image to increase the quantity by one


User-added image

If you have modifiers set up, tapping the item line will take you straight to the Modify Item screen, simply tap More Functions to go to the item's detail screen.

  1. Tap Done.

Using an iPhone/iPod Touch?

To change the quantity of an item you have already added to a ticket:

  1. Tap User-added image  to display the ticket.

  2. Tap the item in the ticket to display the item detail screen.

  1. Tap the User-added image and  User-added image buttons to change the quantity.

  1. Tap Ticket to return to the ticket.