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Adding a Promotion
  1. In your Back Office, select MENU > PROMOTIONS.
  2. Click Add a Promotion to view the Promotions Detail screen.
General Settings section
  • Name - The name of the promotion. The name will appear on the guest check screen when the promotion is applied.
  • (Optional) External ID – Type an ID for the promotion. You can leave this field blank and the system will automatically assign an external ID.
  • POS Active – Check the box to make the promotion appear on the POS.
  • Activate by Event – Select from the drop-down list, the event that activates the promotion. This field appears only when POS Active is checked.
  • (Optional) Print Check on Close – Check the box to print a duplicate receipt when you close the check.
  • (Multi-Sites only) At the company level, click Assign to assign the promotion to specific stores.
  • Trigger - Select a trigger for the promotion from the drop-down list. The available options are:
  • Apply manually (select from list) to require employees to select the promotion from a list on the POS. Only the promotions that can apply to the guest check appear for an employee to select.
  • Detect automatically to have the system automatically apply the promotion when the guest check meets the requirements of the promotion.
  • Scan barcode to require employees to scan a barcode to apply the promotion. When selecting scan barcode, it is necessary to configure the barcode range. The following apply to the barcode range:
    • The barcode range must have from 1 to 20 alphanumeric characters.
    • The length of the start and end of the barcode strings must be the same.
    • The barcode end range must be the same or greater than the barcode start range.
    • The barcode ranges do not need to be unique across promotions.
  • (Optional) Select Approval needed for a manager to authorize the promotion on the POS. This option is only available when you select Apply manually or Scan barcode as the promotion trigger.
  • (Optional) Show promotion on Activity Summary charts – Uncheck the box to not have the discount calculated as part of the totals on the Activity Summary page. For example, you may not want to have Employee Discounts appear as part of the Discounts and Promotions calculation on the Activity Summary page to give you a more accurate reflection of the effectiveness of your discounts and promotions.
Buy Rules section
  • (Optional) Minimum ticket subtotal - Enter the amount for the minimum ticket subtotal for the promotion to apply. Leave blank if you do not want to require a minimum.
Define the first rule for the promotion:
  • Qty - Update the quantity, if greater than 1.
  • Items tagged with - Select the tag containing the items for the promotion.
  • (Optional) Mix / Match – Check the checkbox to require all items meeting the condition of the rule to be exactly the same. For example, in a sandwich promotion, if Mix/Match is not enabled, both sandwiches must be the same. By default, the box is checked. If the rule quantity is ‘1,’ then Mix/Match is not an available option.
  • Click the plus symbol (+) to add additional rules additional rule for the promotion and repeat step 12. For some promotions, you may have multiple rules, particularly if you are creating a promotion with items from different tags.
Discount section
  • On Items - Select the rule for which the discount applies from the drop-down list. The system defaults to All.
When you select a specific rule for the discount, it applies only applies to that rule. For example, you have a BOGO promotion of buy one sandwich get one drink free. You would apply the discount to the rule containing the drink tag.
  • Max Qty - Select the quantity for the discount. For example, if you are providing a BOGO coupon, the discount applies to one item. If you are providing a ‘Buy four shots, get two at half off,’ the discount applies to ‘2’ items.
  • Discount Type - Select the discount type from the drop-down list. The options are:
  • Percent Off - to provide a discount in the form of a percentage, such as 50% off.
  • Amount Off - to provide a discount in the form of a dollar amount, such as $2.00 off.
  • Set Unit Price - to provide a discount as a set sales amount, such as $7.50 to cause the system to charge a set amount for the items.
  • [Amount off] - Type the amount for the discount.
  • (Optional) Maximum Discount Amount – Type the maximum discount amount for the item. You can only enter a maximum discount amount for the promotion when using Percent Off. A maximum discount amount provides a limit you are willing to discount.
For example, you create a promotion for 50% off and you add a maximum discount amount of $10. If the promotion items total $15, the discount is $7.50. If the promotion items total $30, the discount is $10 rather than $15, since $10 is the maximum dollar amount you want to discount.
  1. Click Save.