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Importing Items

Rather than using Silver Back Office to create categories, items, and modifiers manually, you can import your menu from a .csv file. Prior to importing a file, it is necessary to create tax categories and select one as your default. You cannot add tax
categories using the Import Items function.
1. Select Menu > Categories & Items.
2. Click Import Items.
3. Click Download Template, and save the file as a .csv file.
4. Open the file, complete the options, and save the file as a .csv file.
Although Silver Back Office allows for unlimited Modified By options, the import function only allows for five. You can add additional Modified By options in Silver Back Office after completing the import.
5. At the Import Items screen in Silver Back Office, click Browse to Select File, navigate to the .csv file, and click Open.
6. Click Review Item List. Silver Back Office checks for import errors.
Silver Back Office places a red caution icon next to any row with an error. Click the icon to reveal the error. Other than tax category errors, you can either correct the error on the screen, or cancel the import, correct the error in the .csv file, and re-import the file.
7. Click Import Item List.
8. At the Import Item List screen, click OK.
9. Click Exit.