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Working with Multiple Stores (or Multi-Store)

For businesses with multiple stores, account managers can centrally manage their business from the Back Office with one login. The Store menu within the Back Office contains a company level along with specific store levels for users to manage their operation. Each level includes different configuration, control, and managing capabilities.

Logging into Back Office with Multi-Store

After logging into the Back Office with Multi-Store enabled, users will be greeted with a window listing all of the business’s stores.


From this menu, users can ether select Company View (All Stores) or any of their individual stores.   

At the company level, users can control such things as items, modifiers, discounts, user roles, and more. At the store level, you can customize information specific to each store, such as tax rates and receipt information, and manage labor and financial shift functions.

Changing the Location View 

Users can quickly change your view from the company level to a specific store, from one store to another, or from a store to the company. 

  1. Click store icon to the left of your username at the top right side of the screen. The ‘Select Store’ prompt appears.

  1. Select the specific store or Company View (All Stores) and click Continue. The system switches your view in the Back Office of the selected location.

Adding a Store

To add additional stores, contact the customer care team at 877-270-3475.

Using Settings with Multiple Stores

The Settings menu at the top right side of the screen can be used to configure company information, store information, taxes, payments and kitchen printing. To access the Settings menu, click Settings to access the drop-down menu:


Below is a list of options found in the Settings menu and their roles when viewing the Back Office at the Company Level and the Store Level.


Checking Results with Multiple Stores

The Results menu is used to access reports, review and edit POS transactions, financial and labor shifts, and credit settlements. At the company level, the reports summarize the data for your entire company; the reports do not break out the information on a store-by-store basis. To gather data for a specific store, users can switch the viewing level to the specific store and run the desired report. 


Using Employees with Multiple Stores 

The Employees menu allows you to create and manage user roles and to add and manage your employees. User Roles is a read-only at the store level. Users can create employees at both the company and store level; however, users can only assign an employee to multiple stores at the company level. When an account manager creates an employee at the store level, the system assigns that employee to that same store. To assign the employee to additional stores, it is necessary to switch to the company view and assign the employee to the other stores. 
Adding an Employee at the Company Level

When you add an employee at the company level, it is necessary to assign the employee to the stores at which they will work. You can also edit an employee to assign them to additional stores. 

1. Click Add an Employee or to edit an existing employee, click the employee’s name. 

2. For new employees, enter the employee information. 


3. Under ‘Permissions and Access,’ click Assign Stores. The Select Stores prompt will appear where users can select which store(s) the employee should be assigned to. 

On the Employee Detail screen, the system identifies the stores you assigned to the employee. If the employee is assigned to all stores, All Stores appears next to Assign Stores.

Using Customers with Multiple Stores

The Back Office enables you to compile customer information, create a loyalty program for your customers, use email messages to market to your customers, and link to social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Below is a list of functions and how they are affected by the levels of access when dealing with a Multi-Store environment. 

How to Add Customers and Assign them to Stores 

To assign customers to a specific store, open the Customers Menu, click on Customers underneath that, and after filling out their information, click the Assign Stores button.  From there, the user has the ability to assign a customer to one or multiple stores of their choosing. 

Using Menu with Multiple Stores 

When an account manager set ups menu items, users define the items for sale in your business and the manner in which they appear in the POS app. Categories allow you to organize your items for quick navigation in the POS. You can add modifiers for your menu items and create discounts and special pricing events. Some features are only available at the company level, as listed below: 

Item Assignment in New Stores 
When adding a new store to a multi-store, you can select how you want to assign items to that store, simplifying your menu set up. 

The selection pop-up is displayed on the Menu page for the new store after it has been added to your multi-store account. 


You can assign all items, copy the item assignment from an existing store, or not assign any items. 

Using Promotions with Multiple Stores

Promotions can also be assigned to specific stores.  To assign a promotion to a store, click on the Assign Store button and select the desired store from the pop-up menu when setting up a promotion under the Promotions menu.