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Labor Shifts Report

Labor Shifts Report enables you to review the times your employees’ clock in and clock out on the POS app and the total hours worked for a shift and a time period. By default, the report includes all employees; however, you can filter the report to only display a specific employee. You can also select Hide Punches to hide the Clock In section of the report. 

  1. On the Reports menu, select Labor Shifts. The system generates a report for all employees.

    Labor Shifts.png

    The system generates a report for all employees. 

  1. Click User-added image  next to the Filter field to display a drop-down list of employees by which you can filter the report. 

  1. Click Hide Punches to only show a summary of hours worked for each employee, rather than each clock in and clock out for the selected time period. 

  1. Click User-added image to refresh the data. The report appears in the Report Preview screen. 

User-added image 




Header includes:  

  • The name and address of the store. 

  • The selected time period for the report. 

  • The name of the report. 


The name of the employee. 

Clock In 

The Clock In section includes:  

  • The job code for which the employee clocked in for the shift. 

  • The time the employee clocked in. 

  • The time the employee clocked out. 

  • The total hours worked for the shift. 


The Pay section includes:  

  • The total pay earned by the employee. The system calculates the total pay by multiplying the hourly rate of the employee by the hours worked for the shift. 

  • The total amount of credit card tips declared by the employee. 


The total number of hours worked, pay earned, and tips declared for each employee.