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Safe Drop Pay Outs

Safe Drop Pay Outs can be used to track money that has been physically removed from the POS and put into a safe, but should still be included in a bank deposit. 

Safe Drops are reported separately from POS cash deposits on the store summary page so managers can more accurately track the store’s money. 


Safe Drop Example: 

The example below illustrates how a Safe Drop works: 

  • Cashier completes a $349.00 cash sale.
  • The Manager does a $10.00 Miscellaneous Payout (Pay Out Other) to get some supplies for the store.
  • The Manager completes a $100.00 Safe Drop (with the exclude from store summary cash deposit flag enable)
  • Shift ends

If the financial shift started with $0.00 in cash:

  • After transaction1, the financial shift has $349.00 in cash. 
  • After the first pay out, the financial shift has $339.00 in cash. 
  • After the safe drop, my financial shift has $239.00 in cash. 
  • Once the shift ended, the cash drawer has $239.00 in cash, which is placed into the safe. 
  • At the end of the day, the manager takes the $100 safe drop from the shift and the $239 from the shift to the bank. He has $339.