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Working with Tables and Tabs in Table Service 

In Table Service mode, touching Point of Sale takes you to a floor plan of your restaurant. Use the floor plan to seat customers at a table and enter orders. You can also move customers from one table to another, from a table to a tab, and from a tab to a table.  

  • Use ADD TAB to start a tab for a customer, such as in a bar environment, without seating a customer at a table. 

  • Use 'Sort by' on the TABS screen to sort tabs by name or time. Name sorts orders A-Z according to first name, and Time sorts orders from oldest to newest. 

  • Use QUICK MODE to quickly enter customer orders and take payment from the customer.  

  • For takeout and delivery orders, tap Takeout/Delivery.

Navigating Tables and Tabs

Use the following to navigate tables and tabs on your floor plan:  

  • To see all rooms within the floor plan, pinch two fingers together on the device screen. 

  • To select a room, tap the room on the floor plan screen. 

  • To move from one room to another on the device, swipe right to left or left to right. 

  • To mark a table as inactive, press and hold the selected table, and then select Mark as inactive from the menu that appears. The color of the inactive table changes to dark gray.  

  • Tap the magnifying glass to search for specific tabs. 

Starting a Table 

When you start a table, you become the owner, which makes you financially responsible for that table. 

  1. Tap the table at which the guest is sat. The order entry screen appears with a new open guest check, ready for you to enter items for the first seat. 

  1. Add items to the check, for each seat, typically the drink order. 

Note: You must add at least one item to the check for the system to lock down that table as being owned by you. Your tables appear in green; tables assigned to other servers appear in blue. 

User-added image

Adding Seats to a Table 

You can add additional seats to a guest check. For example, if a party of five is sat at a four-top table, add one more seat for the fifth guest. 

  1. Tap the table to which you want to add another seat. The order entry screen appears. 

add seats 

  1. Tap seat icon to add a seat to the table.

Taking Ownership of a Table 

You can take ownership of a table you do not own, and another employee can take ownership of a table currently owned by you. When you take ownership of a table, you assume financial responsibility for the table. 

  1. Tap a table you do not own. 

  1. Tap Take ownership from the menu that appears. If your user role allows you to take ownership of a table, you now own the table. 


If your user role does not permit you to take ownership of a table, the ‘Supervisor’s approval needed’ screen appears. It is necessary for you to obtain manager approval.  

Starting a Guest Check as Tab

  1. Tap the room labeled TABS

  1. Tap ADD TAB

  1. Enter the items for the order. 

Note: When you finalize the order, a prompt to assign a customer to the ticket appears.