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Tracking Loyalty Program Rewards

To track loyalty rewards in the POS app:

At the order entry screen, tap the Customer icon near the top right. The Customer search screen appears.

Enter the customer name or phone number. The matching results appear on the screen.

Tap the name of the customer from the Customer Results section to view the selected customer record.
  1. Under ‘SALES HISTORY,’ view the desired sales history. You can see the first sale, last sale, recent sales, and sales history by month.
  2. Under ‘LOYALTY,’ view the available earned rewards.
  3. Tap Customers to return to the search screen, and tap Cancel once to clear the search screen and again to return to the order entry screen.
  4. To track loyalty rewards in Silver Back Office:
  5. In Silver Back Office, select CUSTOMERS > CUSTOMERS.
  6. Click the customer for whom you want to view loyalty information.
  7. Select Loyalty Program. You can view the earned and redeemed rewards for the customer.
  8. Click Close to return to the CUSTOMERS screen.