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Receiving Payment for a House Account at the POS

In addition to receiving payment for a house account in Silver Back Office, you can also receive payment at the POS. You do so by adding a house account payment charge to the check, which then prompts you to select the customer linked to the house account. When you create your first house account, the system creates a house account payment charge. You may use this charge to receive payments or you may create additional charges by which to receive house account payments. 
  1. At the order entry screen, tap PAY.
  2. Tap Charges.
User-added image 
  1. Tap the charge for house account payments. The customers screen appears.
  2. Search for the customer linked to the house account. A list of customer names appears.
  3. Select the customer.
  4. Confirm the amount for payment. The system loads the total balance due.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Receive payment and close out the check as normal.