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Working with Items

Some menu items include option modifiers, such as mustard or mayonnaise. Other items contain variables or forced modifiers that require you to make additional selections. You can also add notes, such as Rush!! to an ordered item. 

When you select an item with at least one forced modifier, the system defaults to the entry of the forced modifiers. You cannot leave the order until you select all outstanding forced modifiers. Items for which you must select a modifier appear with a red badge; a green badge indicates the successful selection of a modifier. A badge does not appear on optional modifiers. 

  1. Tap an item to add it to the guest check. If forced modifiers exist for the item, the Modify Item screen appears. If the item does not contain any forced modifiers, tap the item on the order entry screen to access the Modify Item screen. 



  1. Make the forced modifier selections. 

Some items contain default forced modifiers, such as ‘Fries,’ or ‘Medium.’ To change the default modifier, tap and then tap Delete. When you remove a default forced modifier, a red badge appears next to the forced modifier group of the item, and it is necessary to make another selection. 

  1. Make the optional modifier selections, if any. Tap the No, Add, Lite, Extra, or On Side buttons and then make the customer selections.
  2. Tap Done


Items with variations appear with ‘Variables’ under the item name on the item menu. Items with variations require you to make selections prior to finalizing the order. 

  1. Tap an item to add it to the guest check. If variations exist for the item, the Select variation screen appears. 


  1. Make the variation selections.
  2. Tap Done.


  1. In the guest check, tap the quantity to the left of the item description. A numeric keypad appears. 


  1. Enter the new quantity for the item. 
  2. Tap Done


Your scale must be set up ahead of time. Search “scale” on and find the instructions for your model. Once you select an item on the POS and place the item on the scale, the scale sends the weight of the item to the POS. If necessary, you may reweigh the item or enter a manual weight for the item. 

When you need to delete a weighed item from the ticket, you delete it as you would any other item on the POS. At the order entry screen, swipe the item to the left, a popup appears, and tap Delete

If the item for sale is set to a different weight measurement than the scale, the POS converts the measurement to the correct weight and quantity on the POS. 

To add a weighed item to the guest check: 

  1. At the guest check screen, select the item. 


The quantity screen appears and the quantity amount appears as 0.00. To the right of the item name is the tare weight of the item. 

  1. Place the item on the scale. The scale sends the data to the POS. 

The Quantity amount is the actual weighed amount. 

  1. Tap Done. The POS adds the item to the guest check. 

The quantity amount that appears on the POS is the net weight (gross weight minus the tare weight). 

If after receiving a weighed quantity amount from the scale AND prior to tapping Done, you add or remove more of the same item from the scale, the scale recalculates and send the updated weight to the POS. 

If you have tapped Done and need to reweigh the item, delete the item from the guest check, select it again, and place the item on the scale. 

The final weight is listed as the quantity to the left of the item. 

  1. Continue the transaction as normal. 

To enter a manual amount for the weighed item: 

In some instances, you may decide to enter a manual weight for the item.

  1. At the Quantity screen, after the POS receives the data from the scale, tap Manual

If your user role does not contain the permission to enter a manual weight for an item, the Supervisor’s approval screen appears. 

  1. Type the new amount.
  2. Tap Done. The POS adds the item to the guest check and the weight of the item is listed as the quantity to the left of the item. 

You can also override the weight of the item by increasing or decreasing the item quantity at the order entry screen. 

  1. Continue the transaction as normal. 


Item Availability enables you to create an item countdown at the POS, also known as ’86ing items’. You set the item count at the POS and each time an employee adds the item to a guest check, the POS decrements the quantity on hand. When you access the order entry screen, you see the available quantity on hand or an item’s unavailability. If an item is unavailable, employees cannot add it to an order until a supervisor edits the quantity on hand or removes the limit.

Note: Item availability should not be confused with inventory. 


Note: If you use multiple devices in a location and do not use a Server, the system cannot synchronize item availability across devices. 

You can edit item availability through Enter Quantity on Hand at the POS home screen or by long-pressing the item on the order entry screen. 

To set item availability at the POS home screen: 

  1. At the POS home screen, tap to access the slide out menu. 
  2. Tap Enter Quantity on Hand.
  3. Tap the category containing the items for which you want to enter an item amount. 


  1. Tap the item for which you want to enter a limit. 


  1. Enter the item quantity.
  2. Tap Done.
  3. Select another item for which to enter an item quantity, or tap Close.