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We will send you alerts when unusual sales activity or other important information needs to be brought to your attention. You can configure the criteria for what is considered unusual in the "Alert Management" section. 
Alert Management
Alert Management page allows you to easily configure the alerts that are shown on your Activity Dashboard. 

To access Alert Management: 
  1. In the Back Office, select Settings > Store Information
  2. Select Alert Management in the menu on the left 
  3. Configure the following alerts
    • Sales Were Higher Than Usual alert is generated if the net sales for the day being closed are higher than the average “same day” net sales for the previous 6 weeks by more than the percentage threshold. This alert compares a day’s business against the same day of the week in previous weeks, such as Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, etc.
    • Price Overrides Were Higher Than Usual alert is generated if the amount or count of overrides is higher than the percentage threshold for the previous 28 days. This alert also contains a link to the Price Overrides Report in the Back Office.
    • Discounts Were Higher Than Usual alert is generated if the percentage of discount dollars to net sales is higher than the average of the last week by more than the percentage threshold. This alert also contains a link to the Discounts Report in the Back Office.
    • Take Advantage of Marketing Capabilities alert is generated if the welcome email is not turned on and a new customer was added during the week.
    • Time to Order More Inventory alert is generated if Quantity on Hand falls below the Re-order Point set in Count Entry.
  4. To turn an alert on, select a corresponding checkbox in the "Generate Alert?" column. 
  5. Determine the percentage threshold for sales, price overrides, and discounts alerts using the corresponding dropdown menu in the "Notify Me When" column. 
  6. Click Save
alert management menu
Viewing Alerts
The alerts are shown on your MY STORE > ACTIVITY SUMMARY page in the upper-right corner. You can view your alerts for the previous seven days.
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By clicking More > underneath any alert, you are able to see the details which caused the alert to be generated:
  • The graphs on the right compare the alert trigger data to the previous week’s data to explain why the alert activated.
  • Below the graphs, the top 5 transactions specific to that alert from the day the alert triggered are displayed.
Click hide to exit the alert.