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Cash Manager

With NCR Silver Pro Restaurant you can manage your store’s beginning and ending bank from the Cash Manager in the Silver Back Office.

Cash Manager Overview

To access Cash Manager, log into the Silver Back Office and Navigate to RESULTS > Cash Manager.

Cash Manager allows you to view and manage the cash activity for your store from a single place in Silver Back Office. For each day, it will show you:
  • The starting cash balance
  • Cash/check received for all financial shifts 
  • POS safe drops
Plus, you can quickly record bank deposits to get a more accurate view of the actual cash in the store. Access to Cash Manager is controlled by a user role permission setting. 

Starting Cash Balance

Starting Balance

  • Starting Cash Balance is carried over from the previous day’s ending balance.
  • You can edit the Starting Cash Balance for dates that are less than 7 days in the past. 
  • All changes are captured in the Starting Cash Balance Audit. 
  • Edits recalculate the balance for subsequent days.
  • Changes to a Starting Cash Balance break the link to the previous day's Daily Balance.

Financial Shifts

Financial Shifts

  • All financial shifts for a business day are listed in the Cash Manager.
  • Financial shift rows cannot be edited.
  • When "Receive Cash" on the Financial Shift Report is older than 7 days, the Cash Manager…
    • …does not recalculate the Balance and Daily Balance for the selected date.
    • …does not recalculate the Starting Cash Balance for subsequent days.
  • Changes made to the Cash Manager are not reflected in Financial Shifts

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposits

  • You can manually add bank deposits by clicking the “Bank Deposit” button.
  • Bank deposits can be added at any time throughout the day.
  • Multiple bank deposits can be added for any given day.
  • Recorded bank deposits cannot be edited, but you can log positive or negative deposits to correct errors. 
  • A bank deposit decreases the Daily Balance because it indicates that cash is leaving the store.


Safe Drops

Safe Drop

  • Safe drops that occur at the point of sale are listed in the Cash Manager
  • Safe drops increase the daily balance in the Cash Manager because they decrease the cash amount the cashier owes to the store for a financial shift