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Using Price Embedded Barcodes

Price embedded barcodes are barcodes that have a price built into them. They are commonly used in markets and specialty stores for items purchased by weight, such as meats or cheeses, or for items received in bulk and repackaged for sale.

Price embedded barcodes can be created by weighing items on a label printing scale. This article describes steps on how to enable scanning of such barcodes on the POS.

Configuring Items With Price Embedded Barcodes in the Back Office

When a barcode is created using a label printing scale, it will follow this standard format:

Price Embedded Barcode Breakdown
To enable a price embedded barcode for an item in the Back Office: 

  1. Enter the item’s five-digit PLU code in the Bar Code field in the Extended Item Setup.
  2. For Sold by, select Weight/Measure.
Price Embedded Barcode Item Setup

Scanning Price Embedded Barcodes at the POS

If the scanned barcode starts with 2, the POS will identify it as a price embedded barcode. It will use the PLU code to identify the item and the item will be added to the ticket using the encoded price.  The weight of the item will be determined by dividing the price embedded in the barcode by the item price configured in the Back Office.

Note: If the barcode does not start with a 2, if an item match cannot be found using the PLU, or if the item is not configured as a weighted item, the POS will assume the barcode is a regular barcode (not price embedded) and will try to find an item configured with the full barcode.  If no item is found, the POS will prompt the user to add a new item or link the barcode to an existing item as normal.