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Inventory Snapshot

The Inventory Snapshot allows you to view your tracked inventory at a glance. From the Snapshot screen, you can view what you have, what you need more of and how much it will cost to replenish your inventory all in one place. You can search the tracked items by item name or by bar code. Please note that items will not display here until you have either entered a count for the item or have completed a receiving for the item. You can also print this screen or export it to another format.

inventory snapshot ncr silver

To view the Inventory Snapshot:

    1. Select the INVENTORY tab.
    2. Select the MANAGE subtab.
    3. Select Snapshot.
You will see three options for filtering the information on the Inventory Snapshot. After choosing your filter, click User-added image.

The Number of Days to Reorder Point filter will show those items projected to require reordering in “x” days (or less). This number is calculated based on the average sales activity for those items over the past 6 weeks and the item’s reorder point. The reorder point is a value you chose and entered when adding or editing an item to your inventory list. It represents the number of units on hand that will trigger the system to tell you it’s time to place an order for more of this item.
  • The Show Items With Days of Supply Less Than filter will show those items projected to be out of stock in “x” days (or less). This number is calculated based on the average sales activity for those items over the past 6 weeks and the item’s current on-hand quantity.
  • Search box filters the list of items based on what you enter here.

Screen Contents

  • The first four columns show the Item Name, any item Variations you may have entered, the item’s Category, and the Vendor who sells you the item.
  • Qty On Hand (Units) displays the number of units of the item you should currently have on hand based on your initial item count plus any items received and less any items sold.
  • The Reorder Point displays the value entered when you added inventory to let you know when it is time to place a new order. It is used as a safeguard to ensure that you always have the necessary quantity on hand to meet sales demands.
  • Avg. Sold Per Week is calculated based on your total sales over the past 6 weeks.
  • Days of Supply uses your average sales activity from the past 6 weeks to calculate the estimated number of days until that item is out of stock.
  • The next three columns show the Unit PriceUnit Cost, and the GM%. These figures are calculated for individual units even if the item is setup to be received by the package.
  • The Replacement Value is calculated by multiplying your Qty On Hand (Units) by the Unit Cost. This is a valuation of inventory that might be used for accounting or insurance purposes.