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The multi-store feature allows merchants with more than one store to create one parent company with multiple child stores associated to the company. You can add new stores as your business grows.

Key Multi-Store Features to Consider When Determining if Multi-Store is Right for You

Our multi-store feature may not be right for everyone who has more than one store. To get the best results from our multi-store feature, your stores should share the same or very similar concepts or types of business, because your categories and items are shared across all of your stores using our multi-store feature.

With multi-store:

  • You have one common set of items that are shared across all of your stores, and you can assign and unassign items to stores

  • Items are priced the same across all of your stores, but you can enter store-specific prices as needed.

Stores with the Same Concept Example

You own two or more small coffee shops. Most likely, you sell the same items at each of your shops. If you have one shop that sells more bakery items, you can add those store-specific items to that store.

Stores with the Different Concepts Example

You own a small coffee shop and a t-shirt store. Most likely, you won’t sell the same coffee shop items at your t-shirt store, or sell your t-shirt store items at the coffee shop. Since items are shared across stores, our multi-store feature may not be right for you.  In this scenario, it would be better to set up each store as individual accounts.

Additional Multi-Store Features

  • Modifiers and discounts are not store-specific and will be available across all your stores

  • Employees are shared across all of your stores, but you can assign employees to specific stores

  • Use one Back Office login with access to all stores in your company. Once logged in, use the store selector to view all stores (company view) or a single store. You can change your view at any time without having to log out and back in.

  • View store-specific AND company-wide consolidated reports and dashboards.

  • You can still customize store-specific information, such as taxes, receipts, store names and addresses, item availability, and create store-specific pricing for items.

  • Email marketing and social sharing are managed at the company level.

  • Each store will have its own subscription and will be charged the same monthly rate.

Are You Ready to Use Our Multi-Store Feature?

You've decided that your business model fits in well with our multi-store feature.  Great!  Please call our Customer Care team to get started.

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