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Understanding Features & User Roles - Back Office Access

For all Back Office features listed below, if a user does not have access to a feature, they will not see the link for the feature when they are logged in to the Back Office.



What does it allow a user to do?

My Store


Activity Summary and Alerts

View the Activity Summary, view and configure alerts

Sales Dashboard

View the Sales Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

View the Customer Dashboard




View and print reports; access can be assigned at the report level

POS Transactions

Access the POS transaction viewer

Credit Settlement

Access the credit settlement page, which includes the ability to void transactions and manually settle credit batches



Categories and Items

View, add, and edit categories and items

Full Access

View, add, and edit categories and items

Limited Edit Only

Edit item price and item availability for existing items


View, add, and edit modifiers and modifier groups


View, add, and edit discounts




View and print tracked inventory


Create and print an item count worksheet to assist in performing an inventory count; enter inventory count results


Track the quantity of items being added to your inventory, as well as update the vendor, cost, and retail price for those items



Email Marketing

Create and send email marketing campaigns to customers

Loyalty Program

Create, view, and edit your loyalty program


View, add, and edit customer information

Social Sharing

Set up links to your social media pages to be used in Email Marketing




View, add, and edit employees

Time Clock

Edit and delete time clock activity

User Roles

View and edit user roles




View and edit basic information about your company


View and edit store contact and store receipt information


View, add, and edit tax categories and tax rates

Payment Methods

View and edit accepted payment methods and credit card processing information

Account Information


My Account

View and update your account information, view bills, add additional stores

Buy Hardware

Purchase additional hardware/accessories for your store

Register Hardware

Register equipment to your account for warranty purposes

Register Device

Activate a new device at a store; this is performed from the device

Note: Additional charges may apply


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