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Managing Your Inventory

The key to any successful business is accurate insight to crucial data.  Knowing what you’re selling, when you’re selling it, and how much you are selling removes the element of surprise, leading to smarter decisions, more accurate inventory, and happier customers.

Our inventory management provides this visibility.  Know exactly what you have on-hand for items you want to track.  As items are sold or returned, the system will track your quantity accordingly.  Adjustments to total quantity can also be made manually at any time to suit your needs using the Count Entry screen.

Before you can manage your inventory, you will need to either perform an item count or an item receiving.  You get to decide which items you want to track in your inventory.  Select INVENTORY > CATEGORIES & ITEMS and then click on an item to add details, such as Received As, Unit Cost and/or Package Cost, Primary Vendor, and Reorder Point.  You will need to scroll down the screen to see Pricing, Cost and Taxes and the Inventory Tracking information.

Extended Item Setup Menu

For more help with managing your inventory, please see: