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NCR Silver EssentialsMarketing to Customers > Bulk Email Messages

Bulk Email Messages

Use the Bulk Email feature to broadcast emails to your customer base of up to 2,500 customers. 

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Note: Ensure you are adhering to current laws by making sure you have the customer's permission to email them before including them in any email marketing campaigns.

  • If you have more than 2,500 customers, the system will send the email to the 2,500 customers with the most recent purchases.

  • You can choose to send a Bulk Email to one or more customer categories (with valid email addresses) by clicking the User-added image button to the right of the To field to open the Select Recipients screen.
  • Multi-Store Customers: If you want to send a Bulk Email message to customers at a particular store, you can do this by creating a customer category using your store names and then assign the customers at that store to that store's customer category.  Click here to learn about customer categories. If you do not select categories, only the most recent 2,500 customers will be messaged.

  • Unlike the other marketing email messages, once you are satisfied with your Bulk Email and it has passed the spam check, the system will send your Bulk Email as soon as you click Send Email.

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