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Understanding Features & User Roles - POS Access

POS App Access

For all POS app features listed below, if a user does not have access to a feature, the system will require a user who does have access to the feature enter their POS PIN to complete the task.



What does it allow a user to do?

Time Clock


Clock in/out

Clock in and clock out from the POS Log In screen
Note:  If any user has access to this feature, all users will see these buttons when logging in

Manager Functions

Clock other users out



Ring Up Sales

Access the POS
Note: If a user has access to any POS feature below, he/she will automatically have access to ring up sales.

No Sale (Open Drawer)*

Open the cash drawer outside of the checkout process

Clear Ticket*

Delete all items from a ticket

Price Override*

Change the price of an item added to a ticket (the change applies to that ticket only) 

Apply Discounts*

Apply a discount to a specific item or to the whole ticket

Change Tax*

Change the tax amount on a ticket (the change applies to that ticket only)

Perform Returns*

Refund money from a previous purchase

Pay In/Out*

Perform a pay in or pay out

Shift/Cash Management


Close Shift*
Close a shift, perform cash reconciliation, and print the Daily Summary report

Recount Cash

Edit the initial cash amount entered during the cash reconciliation process

View/Print Shift Summary

View and print the shift summary report at the end of the Close Shift process

Multiple Cash Drawers
Grants Access to multiple cash drawers

Manage Tips

Adjust tips for other users
Note:  A user without this access can still adjust his or her own tips.

Category/Item Management

Add new categories and items, rearrange existing categories and items. 


View and print POS reports

POS Settings

Access and edit the settings on the POS settings screen

Change Stores

For multi-site merchants only - change the store a device is registered to.  

Note: Additional charges may apply.

Enter/ Exit Training Mode
Grants the user the ability to enter and exit training mode on the POS
Override Order Lock
Gives the suer the ability to access locked future orders

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