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Setting Up the Hover Stand

February 23, 2018


The hover stand uses a durable adhesive to hold your tablet in place. It can be mounted to a wall or countertop, and can be used with a key lock for increased security.

  1. Clean the back of your tablet using the alcohol wipe provided
  2. Remove the cover on the adhesive, rectangle mounting piece
  3. Apply the mounting piece to the back of the tablet and allow 24 hours to fully adhere
    • Make sure you center the piece
    • Make sure the piece is set so the tablet display is right side up when mounted. The mount should open at the bottom like an upside down "U"
      User-added image
  4. Slide the mount onto the base of the stand
  5. (optional) press the silver cylinder in to lock the tablet to the stand. To unlock, insert the keys provided into the lock and turn to the right until the cylinder releases
User-added image

To mount the stand, drill two holes to match the holes in the stand. Screws are not provided.
User-added image

See the attached PDF for further visual instruction.
See Tablet Stand Options for more stand information.

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Installing the Hover Stand.pdf