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NCR Console - How to Store and Manage Documents

December 5, 2016


The document storage platform of NCR Console provides you the ability to create folders and upload documents for record keeping purposes.  There is no limit to the number of folders you can create and documents you can store. To access document storage log into NCR Console, navigate to the Resources tab and click Documents

Documents Overview

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  • My Documents:  Are your personal documents

  • Documents Shared with Me:  Are those documents shared with you by others (applicable to corporate brand management only)

  • Resources:  Are those documents that are made visible to you by a corporate resource (applicable to corporate brand management only)

To create a folder within My Document 
  1. Click My Documents from the Documents platform

  2. Click Create Folder

  3. Enter folder name to the right of Name

  4. Click Save

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 To upload a Document:


  1. Click Upload File

  2. Click Upload New Files. This will bring up a browser window to select the file you wish to upload

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  3. Your file will appear within the folder below



Store and Manage Documents.pdf