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NCR Console - Getting Started

December 12, 2016


Welcome to NCR Console! We are excited you chose one or all of our modules to enhance your reporting, employee management or inventory management. This page is designed to help you with:

  • Usage of the correct URL to access your account
  • How to log into your account
  • How to reset your password

Which URL is right for you?  

The URL is the web address used to access your NCR Console log in page and features. Use the list below to help identify the right one for you.

Corporate Users:  If you are a corporate user, please contact your brand’s representative to obtain login information. Obtain your URL from your brand representative.

Store Operators and/or Owners:  This site is intended for franchisees or store owners and/or operators. It will give an owner/operator complete access to their location’s information such as Sales, Inventory, Labor, Corporate Shared Resources, Communications, Customer Service Feedback, Training Materials, Surveys and more; per the package they have signed up for.

Store Employees:  This site is intended for employees of specific locations only. Employees with access to this site will be able to access their work schedule, request time off, request shift coverage, send messages to management, and access training materials assigned to them by management.

Logging Into Your Account
To Log in, enter the applicable URL into your web browser.

User-added image

  1. Enter your username

  2. Enter your password

  3. To have the site automatically recognize you without having to enter your username in the future, check the Remember my username box.  Choosing this option will allow you to log in without entering your username each time.

    • The Remember my username option will remain active until you so choose to deactivate it. To ensure the highest level of security and optimize the integrity and privacy of data in your account, we recommend that this option always remain unchecked.

Resetting Your Password

In the event you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at any time via the login portal.

  1. Click the “Forgot your login?” link located directly below the login form.
  2. You will be automatically redirected to a new page.
  3. As directed, enter the email address associated with your account, and click the Reset Password button.
    • Instructions on how to set your new password will be sent to your email address.


NCR Console Getting Started.pdf