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Problem/Scenario:  Customer cannot open cash drawer except when selecting "No Sale" on POS.

Symptoms to identify issue: Cash Transactions do not pop drawer.

  1. Make sure that the user is closing out of the sale completely by selecting red close button.
  2. Check Back Office user roles to ensure that the employee that is signed in has permission to use the cash drawer.
  3. Check Settings Company Options to see if Enable Drawer Checkout is selected.
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  1. If Enable Drawer Checkout is selected, ensure the following:
a.  Navigate to user roles
b.  Under Can Close Orders, document which radio option has radio button.
i.   Use Employee Shifts should only be used if selected user  role will not be using cash drawer.
ii.  Use Drawer Shifts is the only selection here that will allow access to cash drawer.
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c.  On POS, ensure that the cash drawer does have a name associated with it.
d.  Ensure the receipt printer is set as the default.