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Closing a Shift

You can close a shift and count your drawer immediately on the POS, or you can close your shift and count the drawer later in the Back office.

To close a shift and count at the POS

  1. Tap the Close Shift button on the Slide Out Menu.  If you have a cash drawer, the cash drawer will open.

  2. Count the cash in the cash drawer.  You can count up all your cash and enter it in the Cash Amount field, or you can use the Coin and Bill counter to assist you.  

To access the Coin and Bill counter, tap Coins and Bills.  From this screen, you can enter the quantity or amount you have of each coin and bill denomination.  When you tap Done,  the total cash amount from this screen will automatically be transferred to the Cash Amount field.  
  1. Tap Next and enter the amount of cash you are going to leave in the drawer.

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  2. Tap Done.  A detailed view of the cash reconciliation information will be displayed.  If the over/short information looks to be incorrect, you can tap Recount to edit the cash and leave in drawer amounts.

  3. Once you are sure your drawer count is correct, tap Confirm.   The  Shift Summary report will be displayed.  The system will also print a Pay Out receipt for the amount of cash you are removing from the drawer to be deposited or put in the safe.
    Note:  If you do not have a user role that has permission to access the Recount feature, when you tap Recount you will be prompted to enter the PIN of a user who does.
  4. The Shift Summary will attempt to auto-print, and can be re-printed by pressing Print.
    Note: If you do not have a user role that has permission to view/print the Shift Summary, the report will not be displayed, and instead you will be returned to the ticket entry screen.

To close shift and count your drawer later in the back office:

Counting in the back office will give you increased security. Some merchants also keep a second set of cash counted and ready to go so that when they close a shift and go to count in the back office, another employee can start a new shift with the second cash set.

To enable Count in Back Office:


  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Slide Out Menu.

  2. Scroll down to the Cash Reconciliation header. The toggle switch - Count in Back Office is defaulted to OFF [count at closing]. Toggle switch ON to activate the setting. It should now be green.

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To Close a Shit once count in back office is active:
  1. Open the slide out menu and tap the Close Shift button.

  2. Cashier must still enter a Leave in Drawer amount at the POS. The amount cannot be edited later.

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  3. Tap Done. The Shift Summary report will be displayed, but the over/short amount will be pending.


    Tap Print to print the report to the receipt printer or tap Close to close the screen.

  4. Once you log in to your Back Office, go to RESULTS --Shifts (Under the Operations category on the left of your screen).

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  5. Once you select the shift to count cash for, you are prompted to enter the total cash for the shift. Cash is entered as one total amount (no Bill & Coin counter).

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  6. You can then perform a cash recount (edit the cash count value), if necessary. Tapping the Edit button will bring up the actual cash amount modal again and allow you to enter a different value. Once entered, the screen will be refreshed with the new calculation.


NOTE: You can Edit as many times as you like; however, once you save, the Over/Short and deposit are committed and the cash can no longer be edited/recounted.
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