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Configurable Preset Tip Amounts

If you are a services business that accepts gratuities, you can configure up to three preset tip amounts or percentages to display to customers when capturing their digital signature on the POS.  In order to use this feature, you must:

  • Use Integrated Credit

  • Choose Accept next to the Credit Card Tips option on the Payment Settings in the back office

  • Turn on digital signature capture by going to Checkout Options under the settings gear on the POS app.

The preset tip amount buttons are defaulted to 15%, 18% and 20%.  You can change them by doing the following:

  1. Go to Checkout Options under the settings gear on the POS app.

  2. Tap Tip Configuration. Enter a percentage or dollar amount for each button that you want to turn on.  You can choose to turn on zero, one, two, or three buttons.

Note:   A “Specify Amount” option will always display in addition to the preset amounts you define.

  1. Press Checkout to return to the previous screen and save your settings.

This is a device-specific setting; therefore, if you have more than one device, you will need to perform these steps on each device.