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Cash Reconciliation Process When Two Devices Share One Cash Drawer

The shift management and cash reconciliation process is designed to work when there is a one-to-one relationship between devices and cash drawers. However, it is still possible to reconcile your cash if you have two devices sharing a single cash drawer by following these steps:

  1. The very first time a shift is opened and you are prompted for the starting drawer amount, Device A should enter the actual drawer amount and Device B should enter $0.00.
  2. Before a shift is closed on Device B, view the Shift Summary report for the current open shift and obtain the Cash Sales amount.
  3. Using this amount, perform a pay out on Device B.
  4. Perform a pay in on Device A for this same amount.
  5. Close the shift on Device B. Use $0.00 as both the Actual Drawer amount and Leave in Drawer amount.
  6. Close the shift on Device A using the actual amount in the cash drawer to complete the cash reconciliation.