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NCR Silver Essentials > Reports > Shifts Report

Shifts Report

The Shifts report provides a summary view of shifts opened at the POS, as well as the ability to view a Shift Summary report for any shift and a Cash Reconciliation Detail report for each closed shift.  

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To run this report:  
  1. Select your date range.
  2. Select the Filter by dropdown to select how you would like to filter the report:  by All devices (default) or a specific device
  3. Click User-added image.

The Shift Summary report displays the same information as the Store Summary report, but only for the time period contained within that shift. This report shows you:
  • The shift number
  • The date and time the shift was opened.  You can click this link to view the Shift Summary report for the shift.
  • The date and time the shift was closed (only applies to closed shifts)
  • The name of the device the shift is on.
  • Any over/short amount based on the drawer count (only applies to closed shifts)
  • The cash, check and total deposit associated with the shift (only applies to closed shifts)
  • Tips after the shift close will be shown if any tips were adjusted after the shift closed

You can click the View Detail link to view the Cash Reconciliation Detail report.  To view a printable version of this report, press the Export button in the right-hand corner.

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