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Go to Results > Reports. Select Store Summary listed under Operations in the column to the left of the screen.
  • You can choose to view results for that particular day or select a specific date range.
Screenshot of the Store Summary Report
Reflects your Total Sales BEFORE Discounts, Overrides and Returns are applied.
Reflects your Sales EXCLUDING Taxes, Tips and Gift Cards Sold.
Reflects Net Sales plus Taxes and Tips.
Reflects the Average dollar amount for each row. The Average is calculated by dividing the dollar amount per line item or row by the number of transactions in the Quantity column.
Breaks down your Ticket Total by the method of Payment. The columns to the right reflect the Number of Transactions per payment type, Tip amount, Amount before Tips, Total Amount including Tips and the Over/Short (for Cash).
Reflects the Taxable sub total for each Tax Category and the Dollar amount applied to each.
Breaks down the Discounts applied by Discount Names, the Quantity (number of times applied) and the dollar amount of total discount given at the point of sale.
Shows you the number of Overrides, listed by Override reason and the dollar amount reduced from the Retail value (Reduction Amount).
Shows you the number of Cleared Tickets and the dollar amount.

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