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Your back office reports provide you with an in-depth view of your business metrics. They are categorized by Operations, Sales and Customers. For detailed information about reading reports, click on the particular report type. Here's a quick summary of what each report details:


Report Type


ShiftsThis report provides a synopsis on the stores total sales including all devices and employees that operated on that day.   
Store SummaryThis report provides 2 different views of a shifts sales summary.  Through this report, you can access the store summary for a particular shift on a specific device, as well as a breakdown of the cash reconciliation at the time of shift close
Device       ActivityIf you have multiple POS devices, this report shows you the total number of transactions and gross sales on a particular POS device broken down by different attributes such as net sales.
Employee ActivityThis report shows you the total number of transactions per employee and gross sales broken down by different attributes such as net sales.
Location ActivityIf you have multiple selling locations, this report allows you to view Gross sales and Net sales for the selected time frame for each location.
Discounts & PromotionsThis report shows you all discounts applied at your store for the selected time frame.
Price OverridesThis report provides you with details about price overrides made at your POS such as override reason, employee, item level, override amount.
TaxesThis report shows you sales by individual tax rates and tax jurisdictions. If you have multiple selling locations, it will breakdown tax information by each location for the selected time frame.
Time ClockThis report shows you the hours worked by your employees. You can view a summary or choose detailed view within this report.
TipsThis report shows you the credit card sales for individual employees and the tip amount they received from those sales.
Offline CreditThis report shows you credit card transactions processed when your system was offline/ without an active internet connection.
Department SalesThis report shows sales totals based on your departments.
Item SalesThis report shows you all your items with sales activity within a selected time frame.
Modifier SalesThis report shows you all modifiers sold within a selected time frame with detailed attributes such as modifier group, Average price, Current price, Sold Quantity and so on.
Sales SummaryThis report shows you the business day broken down by details such as the number of transactions, the tax amount, number of returns with dollar amount, total number of items sold and resulting net sales amount
Bulk EmailThis report provides you with information about your bulk email campaigns such as the # of emails sent, discount name, quantity redeemed, number of emails viewed by customers and so on.
Customer NotesThis report shows you personal or transactional details about your customer with details such as birthdays, product preferences or contact information.
Customer SalesThis report provides you with detailed sales history for customers including identifying information, contact info, date of last purchase, number of times the customer has visited your store and so on.
ItemsThis report generates a list of all items in your inventory regardless of sales activity.
CustomersThis report generates a list of all your customers including their contact information.
DevicesA report of all your registered devices.

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